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Sustainable Diamond Quality

At Amcor Design, we are committed to the exclusive use of verified cruelty free stones. Our assortment includes a wide variety of diamonds that are sustainably sourced and certified. You can explore a range of verified lab created or cruelty-free natural loose diamonds in all shapes and sizes. Each diamond featured on our website is certified by either IGI or GIA laboratories, ensuring both quality and traceability. With our online design studio, you can either purchase your ideal loose diamond or pair it with an engagement ring setting to build the ring of your dreams.

Natural Vs Lab Diamonds
Natural and Lab-grown loose diamonds are essentially the same gem, physically and optically. To the naked eye, they are undifferentiable. The main difference between the two options is origin. While natural loose diamonds are earth-mined, lab diamonds have followed the same chemical process in a laboratory. Experts replicate the natural occurring phenomena in special machines that give us beautiful, traceable stones. The bottom line: Lab created diamonds are as genuine as natural loose diamonds, they have the same physical, optical and chemical properties, yet are sourced differently.
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Expert Guidance
With so many options and specifications, we understand selecting the perfect diamond may become a complicated task. To help you understand the steps and highpoints of selecting a diamond, our jewelry consultants are ready and open to assist you in a one-on-one consultation. Let us guide you into selecting your ideal diamond while adjusting to your budget, style and taste. Reach out to us by email to schedule a consultation or call us on business hours to receive free expert assistance. Whether you have a specific idea in mind or need orientation as to what stone may suit you, we are happy to listen to your needs, questions and requirements until you find the diamond that matches your personality and truly honors your story.