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Fine Jewelry That Inspires

Dedicated to the creation of meaningful, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, our brand was founded with the goal of honoring unique stories and representing true people. We want to create jewelry to be carried as a symbol- jewelry that is able to make people feel a certain way when wearing it, which is enough reason for us to put special care into each piece.

At Amcor Design, we want to deliver unique, custom-made pieces that inspire authenticity and represent love in all of its forms.

In striving to preserve our philosophy, Amcor Design jewelry is made of the highest-quality metals, our diamonds and gemstones are all conflict-free, and our craftsmanship is expert, meticulous, and filled with love. Our collection features a series of essentials, classics and signature designer pieces that are thought for a multitude of styles and occasions.

Every item ordered from our website is personalized and custom-made by hand in our New York Studio, carefully considering every detail. Offering both natural diamond and lab-created diamond options, the possibilities for creating your dream jewelry are endless.

Our Compromise to You

quatity at fair price

Quality at a Fair Price

We are located at the heart of the New York Diamond District, where our long-standing relationship with the largest diamond and gemstone manufacturers assures you the highest quality and at a fair price. All jewelry sold and manufactured by Amcor Design is covered by warranty, certified, and accompanied by our no-conflict 35-day return policy.
quatity at fair price

One Word: Ethical

Our ethical policy is committed to the sole use of verified cruelty-free stones. We are unwilling to sacrifice beauty over conscience. Both natural and lab created stones used in our jewelry are verified and sourced from ethical origins. When you purchase an Amcor Design piece, you can feel safe to know that no one was harmed in the process of obtaining your beautiful jewel.
quatity at fair price

Customer Care

It honors us to be part of every story through our jewelry. We want to do everything possible to make your experience as special as it should be. Contact us for free expert assistance and guidance, we truly enjoy assisting our customers every step of the way with special care and knowledge.

Our goal is to help represent your unique style and personal story through innovative jewelry pieces. Build an engagement ring in our design studio, check out our wedding bands, shop our collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, or contact us today for assistance in bringing your dream to reality.